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english cooking recipes

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  • (Cooking recipe) A recipe is a set of instructions that describe how to prepare or make something, especially a culinary dish.

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Joy of Cooking: Recipe #10, Cafe au Lait

Joy of Cooking:  Recipe #10, Cafe au Lait

The Joy of Cooking recipe reminded me of something important that I don't bother with, but should: warm the milk. The recipe calls for equal parts of strong coffee and hot milk, and they are right about a lot of that. For me, half coffee and half milk is too much milk by about a half, but the difference made by heating the milk is worth remembering.

Recipe #9, Turkish Coffee, points out that Turkish coffee, a glass of ice water and Turkish Delight, recipe page 791, are served together. I want to try making Turkish Delight as it does not sound hard and why not do the right thing? Just not today. So today is #10, cafe au lait.

Breakfast this morning: smoked turkey and swiss cheese on english muffins, and cafe au lait - coffee component courtesy the percolator.

Joy of Cooking: Recipe #8, Coffee Capuccino

Joy of Cooking:  Recipe #8, Coffee Capuccino

Recipe #8 in Joy of Cooking is the first recipe in the book that is more about ingredient-combining rather than about dealing with equipment! Granted, espresso and hot milk is not a huge ingredient list, but it is a nice change from juggling unusual equipment.

My Bialetti is becoming a good friend as opposed to unusual equipment. It makes really great coffee, whether it is truly espresso or not!

Breakfast this morning: boiled eggs, English muffin, coffee capuccino.

english cooking recipes

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