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Cake Cooking Games Girls

cake cooking games girls

  • Food that has been prepared in a particular way

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The face tends to be irrelevant in the portrait if the subject’s actions, expression or surroundings can just as well describe their person. The four portraits selected show my subjects in the light of their personalities and interests rather than just focusing on their appearance alone. The first, an action shot of a girl blowing out her birthday candles complete with feather boa and birthday crown. “Over the top” is not inaccurate in describing someone who is truly not afraid to make her day more than just an event. The second shot of a runner preparing for a session shows the concentration and determination preceding a stretch session that will last nearly as long as the workout itself – an amount of patience is needed in order to properly prepare and discipline the body in a healthy manner. The third shot is of the family man preparing a meal as the remainder of his kin waits patiently. He is content with solitude but sure not to leave anyone hungry. The last shot of myself, another looking to please. What I cook I usually lose my hunger for and am more likely to hand off to a bystander – in this case some pancakes (never from the box) are being offered up as I prefer a more simplistic breakfast after sleeping in.

“Portrait 1” was shot at an actual birthday party for subject – and while dozens of pictures were taken, this one struck me as the most definitive to the subject’s personality. She is not one to let her birthday pass without a significant gathering complete with cake, games and presents is precisely executed according to plan. I took about fifty photos of the subject in “Portrait 2” from putting her socks on to walking out the door for her workout. I found the final step to completing her ensemble to strike me as not only the most focused but visually pleasing shot of the set. I was lying on the floor in order to get the low angle shot that incorporates sunlight from the right and some soft ambient light from the left that illuminates the walls and posters behind her. “Portrait 3” was shot outside a friend’s house as her father cooked for a barbecue. This is another low angle shot that I enjoyed because it includes a portion of the brick on the lower section of the house as well as the roofline that simultaneously give good texture and line to the shot. The self-portrait shows myself offering up a plate of pancakes that served as a token of generosity, a symbolic prop and my breakfast. The camera was placed on a 10 second timer and located on top of a box on my counter. This was shot about 20 minutes after waking up so the general sense of confusion and lack of enthusiasm illustrates the kindness of letting you have the first stack of the batch.

These photos more so illustrate the personality of each subject rather than the specific action being presented – these actions merely speak to the literal while their symbolic meanings may be objects more worth your contemplation.

Carriage Rides & Excursions

Carriage Rides & Excursions

Arthur and Edith Lawson are pictured here at the Gillette farm on Gillette Road, likely in the 1920's. The Lawsons were raised by Elwood Gillette. Buggies and carriages pulled by fine horses such as the one shown here were the standard form of transportation in the 1800's and early 1900's, both for work and for pleasure. Carriage rides were a common form of entertainment of a summer afternoon, and the Brockport Republic regularly reported on excursions from Spencerport and Brockport. One such excursion in September 1877 was described thusly:

“My last carriage excursion was taken with a friend during the present month of September through Sweden, Chili, Riga, Caledonia, Bergen, and Byron. September the 8th we started and drove south to Churchill’s Corners, then turned east and traveling about a mile, we found ourselves in the midst of a picnic with a baseball attachment. The young men and ladies had assembled with cakes, pies, meats, melons, corn, ball clubs and striped stockings; and the boys were engaged in a game of ball and the girls were setting the table in the woods, and building the fire to boil the corn and cook and prepare the substantial refreshments. We did not stop as we had twelve bushels of peaches in our carriage and feared they would get the best of the picnic, and our friends for whom the peaches were destined would be minus the fruit.” The writer goes on to describe the rest of the journey in great detail and happily reports that the peaches did indeed make it to their final destination unharmed.

cake cooking games girls

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